Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL

Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL

Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL – Omnichannel Marketing

As more and more businesses look to connect with customers who on the move, Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL is becoming a critical component of effective multiple channel marketing strategy.

-Text message marketing is immediate and direct. Text messages have a very high open rate – your potential customers will typically read your messaging within minutes – or even within seconds – of receiving it. This is significantly higher than direct mail or email marketing.

Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL

-Utilize shortcodes to streamline responses and grow your customer database. Enable your customers take the initiative by adding a keyword or shortcode to ads, print collateral and social media. This will help customers get familiar with your brand’s code and keywords, which makes them more likely to engage.

-Integrate and support other marketing channels with Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL.
It is essential that all your channels mesh together in your marketing plan – including text messaging.
Even though it’s certainly a good channel on its own, it has the capability to strengthen and support your other marketing avenues like email and social media.

For instance, Text Message Marketing Bloomington IL can remind your customers to take a look at an email you may have sent out a few days before. This helps boost your emails open rate.

-Gain more insight into your customers. Text Message Marketing provides a good way to gain valuable
feedback through customer surveys. A significant percentage of consumers will reply to a survey by text within just a few minutes.

In years past, some marketers might have viewed texting as too invasive. However, most consumers are quite familiar and comfortable with texting from using their local services such as dentists or auto repair shops. Contact Omnichannel Marketing today to get started on this effective approach to growing your own brand today!