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Without a doubt, text message marketing is among the most practical and effective tools a business can utilize to interact with existing and prospective customers. Importantly, text message marketing is simple and user-friendly.

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More engagement with your customers

More engagement with your customers.The number of smartphones in use nationwide continues to increase, with many people accessing their devices hundreds of times every day. Text message marketing puts those numbers to work in your favor. Each time a prospective customer looks at their device presents an opportunity for them to view a message about your products and services.

More reliable and more effective than e-mail. The vast majority of smartphone users open their text messages within a few minutes. That means that with text message marketing you’ll avoid spam filters and experience a very high “open” rate. Consumers simply feel more comfortable replying to texts!

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Integrates well other marketing strategies

Integrates well other marketing strategies. Generally, providers of text essaging services allow users to integrate with marketing avenues. For example, at Omnichannel Marketing we make it convenient to integrate with a range of tools like Eventbrite or MailChimp.

Gain a better understanding of your existing and prospective customer base.

Gain a better understanding of your existing and prospective customer base. Text message marketing entails lots more than simply sending out messages to people on your list or even just a part of your list. It’s an effective form of marketing that enables you to directly engage on a meaningful level with a single customer at a time.

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Make lasting connections with existing customers. Less formal than speaking on the phone, text message marketing is a non-intrusive method of communication.

For example, rather than calling a customer with a reminder of their next appointment, you can simply send a text message they can view at their convenience. Additionally, you can automate this efficient process to save time.

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